Overalls 1

Overall the Drama

Denim is forever a beloved staple in our wardrobes, but the different forms and items it comes in may vary seasonally and based on current trends. For the past few years the overalls trend has[…]

short skirt long jacket

Short Skirt, Long Jacket

I’m not a girl who gets up early, but I have a mind like a diamond and I’m sharp as a tack, so of course, I can appreciate a short skirt and a long jacket, (Cake’s[…]

Alice Through the Looking glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Wonderland is a place full of excitement, oddities, and unique characters we all know and love. Urban Decay really hit the nail on the head with their new collaboration palette with Disney’s Alice Through the[…]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

**Disclaimer- This post is sponsored and contains affiliate links, I will be compensated for any purchases made using these links, all opinions are my own** Although I’m not a mom (to anything human), I know[…]


Neutral Fusion

Neutrals have taken the world by storm, leaving the color wheel out in the rain. Getting dressed is so much easier without the stress of the matching vs. clashing headache caused by colorful garments. Basic[…]


Hot for Culottes

  Usually we tend not to put too much emphasis on pants, we have our basics and go-to’s for all the places our lives may lead. Pairing our favorite jeans with standout tops or statement[…]

Fashion Haul

Fashion in Business: Haul

Working a 9-5 job in a stuffy office is often draining; staring at a computer screen, sitting for hours on end, having back pain from poor posture are just a few of the things that[…]


Do Double Denim

A long time fashion faux pas is slowly making it’s way into the hearts of style lovers all over. Double denim, for some, brings up a nightmare-ish image of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa[…]


Unconventional Lip Colors and Where to Wear Them

Stemming from the injected plump “Kylie Jenner” lips to the liquid matte lipstick trend, lips have been one of the more highly discussed facial assets. With all this discussion of lips and the products we[…]

Shoulder Showdown 1

Shoulder Showdown

Showing a little shoulder this spring is key for adding a bit of flirtatious attitude to your look. When spring hits, our instincts are to shed the winter layers and start to show some skin.[…]