“I Came to Slay, Bitch” Halloween Look

Halloween is coming up fast, so for my third and final quick and easy last minute costume idea, I had to channel the Queen herself, Beyonce. Everyone wants to be Beyonce, but the closest we can get is to recreate her amazing looks for Halloween. Formation is probably my favorite Beyonce song, so when I saw an Instagram post by Who What Wear of a young girl dressed in this look, I knew I too had to create this look for Halloween.

Since I don’t have access to Queen Bey’s fabulous wardrobe, I had to do a lot of improvising to get her look, but I was able to use all items from my closet to achieve it. The essential pieces for this look are a long skirt, an off the shoulder top, a black hat, and lots of big statement jewelry.

For the hair, I braided my hair into two regular braids to keep as much length in them as possible. For makeup, I kept things very simple and just wore foundation to even out the skin and put on a bold dark red lip to mimic Beyonce’s look. Pull the hat down over your eyes and you don’t even need to wear mascara.

Don’t forget to put hot sauce in your bag, swag.

lara croft

Tomb Raider Halloween Look

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween costume, but those super feminine looks like mermaids, princesses, or unicorns aren’t your thing, Lara Croft is one bad ass costume you can easily recreate. The best part is that most of the pieces you’ll need for this costume you may already have, and if you need to purchase them you will definitely wear them again!

There have been many versions of Lara Croft over the years which means there’s no lack for inspiration. The iconic Tomb Raider character’s look features a blueish teal tank, khaki shorts, and combat boots. There’s no way you don’t have at least one of these three key pieces. Finish off the outfit with thigh holsters (which you can find for under $20) and you’re halfway done with your transformation.

The hair is the most important part of this look. Lara Croft is known for her long braid with some loose pieces, since you know, she’s fighting bad guys all the time. Simply separate a few pieces of hair and braid the rest into one long french braid and sweep it over one shoulder.

Lara doesn’t appear to wear much makeup so you won’t need to go all out with a full beat face. Healthy looking skin is key here, so finish off your makeup with a few spritzes of a dewy skin mist to give that post sweat-sesh look. Lara Croft’s full lips are an integral part of her iconic look, a lipstick close to your natural lip color is perfect achieving this no-makeup makeup look. Enhance your own natural features with mascara and a sculpt out your cheeks with some blush, just don’t go overboard or you’ll loose the effect.

My Outfit Details:

Top: Here

Shorts: Here

Holsters: Here

Boots: Similar

Easy DIY Mermaid Halloween Look

It’s already mid-October which means, if you haven’t decided what you’re dressing up as for Halloween, the clock is ticking. I’ve put together an easy-peasy mermaid costume you can throw together with items you may already have in your wardrobe. Add over the top mermaid-inspired makeup, and poof, you’re ready for your Halloween bash! You’ll even save money DIY-ing this costume, am I a fairy godmother or what?

First things first, mermaids, you need a shell bra. Since you didn’t purchase one, one of those ridiculous sparkle and lace bras you bought in your early 20s is a perfect alternative. It can be any color as long as it fits properly and has enough of a sparkle factor to be worthy of a majestic mermaid. Next, you need a tail, and it really doesn’t need to be a scaly metallic number, just use a solid colored maxi skirt. Mine is actually a midi dress worn as a skirt. If you want to add the tail-fin element, run out to your local costume store and get a mini tulle skirt and fasten it to your maxi skirt.

Mermaids are known for their long flowing mane of hair. I personally was #blessed in that department so I just wore my hair down and curled the ends. You can do the same and if you want to add in some rainbow streaks or a glitter part, go right ahead. Finally, the makeup. I opted for a purple and teal color scheme, but you can do whatever you want as long as it’s bright, colorful, and don’t skimp on the glitter!

I’m planning on doing at least one and maybe two more easy DIY Halloween looks, so stay tuned!

Basic Bitch

Fall is the integral season for basic bitch-dom, but I’m not here to talk about pumpkin spice lattes and North Face fleece jackets. By “basic” I’m referring to the solid staples we all have in our wardrobes. I’ve been clinging to these babies like my life depends on it lately for the sheer reason that what’s currently happening in fashion makes me really, really cringe. Let me explain, I’m all for trying new trends, but even for me what’s in stores are two extremes of the style spectrum and not a lot for the in-between. Quite frankly, if I see one more ruffled off-the-shoulder top, I’m going to jump off a bridge. On the other hand, the edgy cool girl styles don’t always work for the 9-5 casual lifestyle, they’re too Instagram star street-style, if you know what I mean.

I’ve found solace and chic-ness in my go-to closet staples, basic tees, and denim. Basics are like the best friend who’s always on your side no matter how wrong and crazy you are. Here are some tips on spicing up your basics to look more fashion forward.

1) Tuck your tees into high-waisted jeans for that Khloe Kardashian signature look. Or simply purchase a bodysuit tee so you don’t have to worry about re-tucking throughout the day.

2) Layer a bralette under a deep v-neck. A strappy bralette gives a modern twist to a simple outfit. I love layering with bralettes because they don’t add bulk to your look which makes you uncomfortable throughout the day.

3) Matchy-matchy basics are a total yes. Simplify getting ready in the morning by wearing the same color from head to toe. Break up the look with a belt if you feel it’s too much of the same shade.

4) Printed bottoms are perfect with solid tops. Pair your favorite tees with camo, plaid, or floral bottoms this fall.

5) Easy care instructions are essential for basic pieces. These are items you’re going to be wearing frequently so, no one has time for dry cleaning or hand washing.

Almost every time I shop I buy at least one new solid t-shirt or tank top, you can never have too many. Some of my favorite places to purchase basics from are:


Madewell &


One last important thing to note is that your basics should be made from quality material. 100% cotton or a majority cotton blend is the best material for basic tees because they will keep their shape over time. Have you ever purchased a cheep t-shirt made from rayon or viscose and put it through one laundry cycle and the shape is all messed up? Well, I hate to break it to you, but you get what you pay for.

Sometimes trends are not ideal for our lifestyles and that is perfectly fine when we have a versatile capsule wardrobe to fall back on. Now, treat yourself to a psl, you’ve earned it!

Corset Belts & T-Shirt Dresses

Summer is without a doubt pants-less season. Without short casual dresses I don’t know how we would survive the sticky-hot, humid days and nights. Try a modern and fashion forward twist on the daytime summer dress with an oversized t-shirt and a corset belt. There are so many possibilities with this trend, but whichever you choose you’ll definitely be looking chic and put together.

You can find t-shirt dresses and corset belts sold separately or dresses with the corset belt built in. Styling this look is as easy as styling your favorite basic t-shirt and jeans. Sandals are a great shoe option for the summer months and  you can pair this look with some thigh high boots to extend it into the fall. There are no rules regarding the type of t-shirt you wear, it can be a graphic tee, solid, striped, or even your boyfriend’s tee. Simply cinch in the waist to create the silhouette of a dress and go!

Check out these shopping options for some inspiration!

Nasty Gal
Forever 21

My Outfit Details:

Corset Belt: Nasty Gal

T-Shirt: Spencer’s Gifts

Sandals: Target

Confessions of a Makeup Collector

My name is Sara and I have a problem. As a self-proclaimed makeup collector, I can't resist limited edition, shiny, glam, and smooth buttery makeup. Not to mention the to die for packaging that sucks a person in instantly. My makeup collection has grown tremendously over the past few years and every time I tell myself to take a break, out pops another must-have collaboration the collector in me can't resist.

The words "limited edition" are the most enticing, invigorating words a girl can hear, almost as wonderful as "your order has shipped", which is close in excitement to getting home to a package waiting by the door. Limited edition eyeshadow palettes are my absolute favorite to collect and of course have the highest price point. I'm not currently in a financial position where money is no object, so I do have to pick and choose which collections I'd absolutely die if I couldn't get my hands on it. That's right, must-have make up is a matter or life and death, it's not that I want these things, I NEED them.

This summer is no exception when it comes to "need it now" makeup collections. Two currently available Disney collaborations with Lorac Cosmetics are temptations proving impossible to resist. I told myself I'd stay away from their Pirates of the Caribbean collection, but that's easier said than done. Then they surprised us all when they dropped the Beauty and the Beast collection which I had to own a piece of, so to be financially responsible, I purchased the lipstick set. I'm currently yearning for the eyeshadow palettes from both of these collections, but there are two other palettes coming out next month that I'm holding out for. Drumroll....

Urban Decay strikes again with a new member of the Naked family, the Naked Heat palette. Warm amber tone neutrals, yes please and thank you, I cannot wait.

My new favorite cosmetic company, Storybook Cosmetics, is releasing a Charlie and the Chocolate factory eyeshadow book (similar to the wizardy and witchcraft book above). I haven't even seen the shades of these shadows yet, but I will be buying this palette the day it comes out!

Lastly, the news came out yesterday that Kim Kardashian West is launching her own makeup line, starting with a cream contour product, need I say more? Her sister, Kylie's new summer collection looks absolutely to die for as well.

Bye money!


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Unboxing Spring FabFitFun & Sephora Play

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was watching Glee. Now that I have my life back, I'm working on some exciting posts for spring since that the weather is so amazing! While I'm busy planning outfits and scheduling photos I thought I'd kick off spring and share a quick little unboxing post for my very first FabFitFun and Sephora Play boxes.

FabFitFun -If you're not familiar Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly subscription service for $49.99. Each season you receive a a box with full size products from fashion, skin care, beauty, fitness, lifestyle & more. I was blown away by the amount of stuff that was in the box.

Favorites: Out of all the amazing things in my first box I'm most excited about the Gypsy 05 Roundie which is a circular beach blanket. I'm looking forward to using it at the beach and also in my backyard. The Deborah Limppann nail polish duo is also a win. The colors are perfect for this time of year and I actually have never tried this brand before which is shocking. Lastly, I'm loving the Real Her lip products, the packaging is so fun and the heart warming story behind the brand makes it even better. Read More about Real Her.

Not So Favorites: I'm not into taking supplements so, the Hair Skin & Nails Gummies weren't the most exciting item in the box. I will definitely need to do a lot of research on these before I decide to take them.

Overall for my first box I'm hooked I loved everything in it besides the gummies and I can't wait for the Summer box to arrive.

Sephora Play- Sephora Play is a $10 a month subscription that gives you deluxe samples from high end makeup, skincare, and haircare brands.

Favorites: Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate, this product is amazing, and pricey, so I'll take all the samples of it I can get. It is a 2 minute exfoliating facial that I swear makes your face look like new after you wash it off. And who doesn't have 2 minutes for better skin? I'm also excited about the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hylauronic Cloud Cream, my skin has been very dry lately so anything new to help with that I'm willing to test out!

Not So Favorites: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, I swear samples of this product are given out like Halloween candy. Although it's an ok product I have enough of them to sink a ship. The other product I'm not so crazy about is the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, I had a bad experience in the past with a similar product where I got dry patches on my eyelids, so I'm very cautious about any eye makeup removers, I usually use makeup wipes to avoid any harsh ingredients.

I'm very happy with the box overall and I'm glad I don't have to wait until summer to receive another!

What subscriptions boxes have you guys signed up for lately? Let me know!







Mother of Dragons

This Scale Top from Akira inspired me to do a post about my all time favorite TV and book series, Game of Thrones. I saw this top and immediately had to have it, it's very wearable for everyday, but also avant garde and interesting. Of course, one of my favorite characters from the series is Khaleesi AKA Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, etc. and Mother of Dragons. Since the season seven trailer has recently been released, the timing of this top entering my wardrobe was perfect. The black scales hinted I could only be the biggest and baddest of Dany's dragons; the one and only Drogon.

The Look: Drogon is a fierce black and red dragon, often referred to as a winged shadow. He is scary and wildly untamed. Although this look is inspired by fantasy it is completely wearable for everyday. I love how the detail is exciting, but not overwhelming, so you can sit through the work day without distracting everyone around you. It's also a great look for weekends and evenings out. You can pair the top with a skirt, jeans, dressy shorts, virtually anything and it will go. Unlike the dragon, you won't scare anyone away. I paired the scale top with maroon pants and some stiletto booties. My favorite part is the complete badass vibe of it, it's definitely an edgy top that makes you look powerful, not unapproachable.

The Show: Game of Thrones is more than just my favorite show, it's my life. Getting lost in this fantasy world with dozens of characters and plot twists and dragons has truly consumed my existence. Without rambling on and on about how I think HBO can keep the show going on forever to keep me breathing, let's talk about what needs to happen this season.

  1. Epic Sea Battle: Euron Greyjoy is on his way to Dany, Dany's on her way to Westeros, they just have to meet up. Or will Daario betray her when Euron arrives in Mereen and lead him to attack her fleet from behind?
  2. Jaime turns on Cersei: Ever since Jaime met Brienne of Tarth, we saw another side of him. He is kind and much more than just a kingslayer. The look he gave Cersei at the end of season six has me feeling like he finally sees her for what she really is.
  3. Jon Snow learns his true parentage. It's only a matter of episodes from when we found out until he has to right? It's a simple TV algorithm.

Eventually: I could go on forever about my season seven predictions, but this isn't a fan fiction site, so I'll leave you with this, I had this thought recently and I don't see any other way of things working out. Eventually, Tyrion has to die in the end. As much as it pains me to admit it, it has to happen. If we've learned anything about this world, kinslaying is a serious crime in the eyes of gods and men, worse than kingslaying. Tyrion killed his father with no reason other than selfish motive. Sure, Tywin wasn't a good person, but at least the intent of Jaime's kingslaying was to prevent people from being burned alive. Thoughts? Let me know below!


Fashion Week Everyday

Another Fashion Month is coming to a close, leaving behind some amazing street style looks. In today's social media driven world, the styles and people you see attending the fashion shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris are equally as important as the fashion trends that strut down the runways. The influencers at these shows are incredibly inspiring and what makes them extra amazing is that most of them came from average lives just like you and I. They're not actresses, models, nor pop stars; they're just normal people with impeccable style that have been able to gain enormous followings on social media and expand their reach across the globe.

The fashion we see on the streets during fashion month is often bold, extravagant, and doesn't always translate well for the average person's life. It's possible, however; to gain inspiration for your daily wardrobe from these spectacular styles and make the looks work for your office, weekend, or formal settings.

Inspiration: Aimee Song @songofstyle

Style: Simple, elegant, chic

To recreate Aimee's look, you'll need to have a solid collection of basics. Of course, she throws in an amazing bold look every now and again, but her basics are always on point. Distressed denim is a staple piece that works in any casual setting and adds an edgy focal point to your look. Wear a solid colored bodysuit for seamless tucking, and finish the look off with a long coat or duster. Accessorize as you see fit and you're street style ready. Aimee's casual style is perfect for weekends and more laid back office settings.

Inspiration: Camila Coelho @camilacoelho

Style: Feminine, sophisticated, polished

Camila's style has a lot of different textures and prints that somehow come together to create a classy feminine look. She also uses layering in her outfits which makes everything look elevated. What you need to channel her style is one statement piece like a printed coat, a bold leather jacket, or an embellished dress. Layer your statement piece over your favorite turtleneck sweater (extra points if it has a texture) and tuck it into your skirt, jeans, culottes, or whatever bottoms you prefer. Keep your accessories minimal, depending on how loud your statement piece is, you won't want anything that will distract from it. A bright bag and some stunning ankle boots will be just right. Camila's style is great for work and evenings out.

Inspiration: Soraya Bakhtiar @sorayabakhtiar

Style: Bold, eclectic, edgy

Soraya has a unique style that is very fashion forward, complete with layers and multiple statement items. You can recreate her style while using your on personal touches to make heads turn in a positive way. If you have a wild and adventurous personality, show it! There is an exact science to dressing eclectic without over doing it. Start with a basic foundation; denim, a solid top, anything simple. Mix textures and prints that have similar color schemes or contain complementary colors. Accessorize with a fun quirky bag, and you're ready for anything the weekend brings.

My look is inspired by all of the above with some personal touches. I love graphic tees, especially ones that support causes and I also love pairing neutrals together. I added the tights to this look to give it some texture and edge up a basic pencil skirt.




You may have heard of multi-masking before, putting multiple masks on the face simultaneously in different areas to target specific skin concerns. This method works great for combination skin types because you can address the dry and oily parts of your skin at the same time. However, that version of multi-masking isn't what I'm referring to, I'm talking about applying multiple masks back to back. Winter weather and the frequent rise and dramatic drops in temperatures we have been having lately wreak havoc on your skin, combined with day to day stress, hormones, and the fact that every second of the day your skin is aging, multiple conditions start to appear on the face as a whole. This new skincare trend helps to address all of your skin issues in the same day and help you achieve more radiant, fresh, and youthful skin. Set aside a weekend morning or a chunk of your evening before bed and your skin will become so glowy and refreshed that not even winter can bring you back to a dark and flaky place. Cleanse your skin first and let's get started!

Brighten: Exfoliating your dead flaking skin is key to achieving a healthier looking complexion. If you have a lot of dry patches, simply moisturizing them will only be a temporary fix, you need to rid yourself of the problem rather than covering it up. Shed that layer of dead skin cells with an exfoliating mask, I love the GlamGlow Flashmud Brightening Treatment. This mask works wonders battling dull skin and leaving you with a brighter complexion, but we still have more skin concerns to address.

Tighten: Aging skin is a huge concern and it's something you want to tackle head on as early as possible. They say after 25 your skin begins to lose elasticity at a more rapid rate than in your teens and early 20's. Yikes. I love masks that are made to plump up your skin, fill fine lines, and help boost collagen. Also tightening your pores is a must to help avoid breakouts and have a more youthful appearance overall. A great option for tightening and firming is the GlamGlow Gravitymud Firming Treatment, it's also super fun to apply and peel off when dry!

Hydrate: Lastly, nothing makes skin appear old and tired more than dryness. After you've exfoliated and firmed your skin, you'll need to replenish the moisture and leave your face looking quenched and phenomenal. A convenient option for restoring hydration is a sheet mask. One of my favorites is the Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask. You can even refrigerate these masks for a cooling an refreshing experience, and the cold temperature also helps boost absorption into your skin.

Brightening, tightening, and hydrating are only a few options you can target with multi-masking. Throw in a detoxifying or clearing mask, under eye masks, anything you feel your skin needs, and by the end of your regimen you will have a younger and healthier look.

Other Favorite Masks:

Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask- Hydration

Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask

Miss Spa Hydrate Sheet Mask

ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment